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Pioneering Sustainable Circular Economy Strategies for Electromobility

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Alexandra Witzke

Alexandra Witzke

The ZIRKEL research project is a pioneering initiative, trailblazing production technology for the circular economy, specifically through the lens of highly integrated electromobility components. The principal objective here is to sustainably augment productivity and economic viability in the disassembly, segregation, and cutting process of traction battery systems and electric motors. This allows for the identification of the most ecologically and economically favourable recycling pathways for specific products, ultimately enabling the full closure of material cycles.

Challenges and Issue Identification:

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For a comprehensive understanding of the ZIRKEL project, its methodologies, and ongoing advancements, we encourage you to explore the official ZIRKEL project website. Here, you will find detailed insights and updates that provide a deeper perspective on our commitment to shaping sustainable electromobility.

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