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Pioneering Blockchain Solutions: Our Origins and Accolades

Founded in 2019 by Dr. Markus Jostock and Jens Harig, ARXUM® is a trailblazing blockchain solutions provider. Stemming from an Industrie 4.0 system integrator background, our founders utilized their extensive experience in production and enterprise IT to establish the company.

Today, ARXUM comprises a team of over 25 experts from diverse backgrounds, all dedicated to tackling the digitalization challenges across various industries.

We design, deploy, and manage cutting-edge blockchain solutions to cater to the needs of sectors such as life science and pharma, supply chain digitization, and carbon offsets in sustainability.

Our innovative work has garnered numerous accolades, including Top 4 Blockchain Start-up in Automotive, Leader in Manufacturing Services & Solutions by ISG Provider Lens, and one of the Best Blockchain Start-ups in Logistics.

Team | Arxum
Team | Kamil Gaweda | Arxum

Revolutionizing Industries through Blockchain Technology

At ARXUM, our core competency lies in intelligently leveraging cutting-edge blockchain technology to ensure data integrity and quality across various industries. This technology has become so widespread that even banks, insurance companies, and government institutions are adopting it. By smartly linking different IT systems, we enable fully automatic cross-company data exchange while adhering to data owners’ rules. Our ARXUM® Suite, which is independent of a user’s IT infrastructure and company size, facilitates seamless integration and scalability.

Embracing Distributed Work and Team Collaboration for Our Bright Future

Currently, we are actively involved in various research and client projects. Our unique approach to blockchain technology has been recognized globally, and our commitment to a distributed approach extends to our business operations. Also it’s fun to work with us. We offer flexible work arrangements, including remote work and local offices in Germany, France, and Bulgaria, while maintaining a strong team spirit through regular physical meetings and local collaboration.

Join us at ARXUM as we revolutionize the digital landscape and drive industry forward with our cutting-edge solutions.

Team | Axel Benoist | Arxum


Keeping It Real

Communicating with Heart, Humor, and Honesty

Going Above and Beyond

Creating and Providing Client-Solutions that deliver results

Blaze Your Trail

Achieving Success with Autonomy and Creativity

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

Collaborating for Mutual Growth and Accountability

Igniting Innovation

Thinking Beyond the Box and Turning Ideas into Reality

Work Hard, Laugh Harder

Fostering Fun and Positivity in the Workplace

Boldly Building the Future

Embracing Visionary Thinking and Innovative Spirit

Clients & Partners

Don't just take our word for it, listen to what our clients and partners have to say about their experiences with us.

With its blockchain solution for the chemical and pharmaceutical industry, ARXUM has emerged as a top startup, not only regionally but also internationally, with locations in Germany, France, and Bulgaria. A significant part of our startup ecosystem for over three years, ARXUM's industry-tailored, yet broad product range has impressed our other ecosystem partners, including at our X-Linker 'Lab of the Future'. We eagerly anticipate ARXUM's further successes both within and beyond our ecosystem.
Alexander Böser
Senior Ecosystem Manager - Chemistry at 5-HT Digital Hub Chemistry & Health
ARXUM has proven to be an agile partner. They guided us in aligning blockchain services for laboratory and research applications, never hesitating to provide us access to development environments to ensure the solution works for BASF - even from a technical perspective.
Nikola Dimitrov
R&D System Design and Architecture - BASF Business Services GmbH
Arxum is a cutting-edge startup that specializes in process analysis and end-to-end digitalization of supply chains. The entire team is renowned for their high level of professionalism, constructive approach, and enjoyable collaboration.
Laura Schwehm​
Project Leader Health Innovation Hub - Business + Innovation Center Kaiserslautern GmbH
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