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Explore the ARXUM® Suite, a selection of vertical modules designed to address essential corporate needs. Our modules comprise smart contracts, which can be effortlessly integrated to meet user-specific requirements without the necessity for custom development. Experience the seamless fusion of advanced blockchain technology with your existing business processes, unlocking new efficiencies and opportunities.

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Transfer Module

This Module enables the automated reach into someone else’s “cookie jar” and provide automatically access to the information you need or to the owned ones. As a result there is no need to worry about complicated connections between different systems while all access control is automatically asserted.

The Transfer Module enables fully automated access to data stored in  other data silos through smart-contract-based access rules. It does not matter whether the data silos are external or internal.

This module can be used for exchanging digital twins, providing quality data, and automated data access to customers. It eliminates the need for costly ERP integration and provides secure and audit-trailed data flow between companies or business units.

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Tokenising Module

The Tokenising Module is employed to transform assets into a digital representation known as a token. Tokens can represent a value or identity that can be exchanged or transferred among parties in a digital format. This Module is useful for showcasing ownership of a physical or digital asset, while also enabling the tracking of its origin and provenance. By providing a way to verify authenticity and prevent fraudulent activities, the Tokenising Module serves as a critical tool for promoting transparency and accountability in various contexts.

In the Tokenising module, tokens are generated and assigned to a user when events and digital artefacts are registered by a smart contract or when pre-programmed conditions are met.

These tokens can be tracked in a supply chain and serve as digital certificates of proof, providing the highest level of trust in products, origin, environmental impact, or business value. They can be accumulated, counted and transferred in order to prove balances or to protect against fraud.

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Tracking Module

The Tracking Module allows tracking of the movement of something from one place to another. It operates similarly to a flight recorder by recording events during the process execution and providing visibility of its whereabouts and current possessor. The usage of this Module guarantees adherence to defined processes, and prompt warnings are triggered in case of any deviation.

The Tracking Module automates event tracking and documentation through smart contracts, offering real-time status information on whereabouts, compliance, and accountability.

It includes smart contract templates for various use cases and sends events to a smart contract for evaluation and enforcement of business rules. Users are alerted of warnings when necessary, providing real-time status information to all parties involved.

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Tracing Module

The Tracing Module assigns unique IDs to system components, facilitating tracking of their past movements and connections. It acts as a virtual label for supply chain items, enabling accurate product/component identification, for example the origins of each ingredient in a food product, and enhancing supply chain transparency

The tracing module enables a decentralized assignment of identities or serial numbers for components or product batches, etc. and allows comprehensive tracing of products by linking IDs with other IDs in further corporate IT systems.

It can be used for warranty part investigation, batch material tracing, and inbound/outbound warehouse processes.

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Storing Module

The Storing Module serves as Arxum’s “Data Steward,” ensuring the safety and security of valuable information. It protects data from tampering and alteration, guaranteeing the preservation of its original state. Additionally, the Module allows for easy retrieval of urgently needed data in its original form.

The Storing Module enables secure storage of digital assets using Interplanetary File System (IPFS) and is linked to the immutable chain of evidence provided by the Tracking Module.

It offers proof-of-origin to industrial customers and end consumers and eliminates the possibility of data manipulation. The Module proves the existence of digital assets at a certain point in time and can be combined with other Modules to retain related data.

Clients & Partners

Don't just take our word for it, listen to what our clients and partners have to say about their experiences with us.

With its blockchain solution for the chemical and pharmaceutical industry, ARXUM has emerged as a top startup, not only regionally but also internationally, with locations in Germany, France, and Bulgaria. A significant part of our startup ecosystem for over three years, ARXUM's industry-tailored, yet broad product range has impressed our other ecosystem partners, including at our X-Linker 'Lab of the Future'. We eagerly anticipate ARXUM's further successes both within and beyond our ecosystem.
Alexander Böser
Senior Ecosystem Manager - Chemistry at 5-HT Digital Hub Chemistry & Health
ARXUM has proven to be an agile partner. They guided us in aligning blockchain services for laboratory and research applications, never hesitating to provide us access to development environments to ensure the solution works for BASF - even from a technical perspective.
Nikola Dimitrov
R&D System Design and Architecture - BASF Business Services GmbH
Arxum is a cutting-edge startup that specializes in process analysis and end-to-end digitalization of supply chains. The entire team is renowned for their high level of professionalism, constructive approach, and enjoyable collaboration.
Laura Schwehm​
Project Leader Health Innovation Hub - Business + Innovation Center Kaiserslautern GmbH
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