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Manufacturers connected by ARXUM’s protocol benefit from robust & secure connectivity, worldwide accessibility and a standardized production order protocol with rich data exchange. Based on blockchain technology, ARXUM’s decentralized Production Network outperforms today’s infrastructure by reducing costs, increasing process speed and delivering end-to-end visibility to production.


Today, manufacturers in the industry spend a lot of time negotiating, communicating, passing orders, contacting suppliers and managing IT infrastructures. Imagine if producers would be able to speed up their processes without costly IT integration, could provide customized products at no extra cost or would be able to tap into a large international marketplace. With ARXUM’s worldwide Production Protocol, all this is possible.


ARXUM is developing the worldwide Production Protocol for the supply chain. Based on blockchain technology, ARXUM provides: protection of IP (schematics and blueprints), proof of existence of goods (e.g. through the ARXUM Connection Box), and proof of ownership for customized products. Smart contracts hold legal agreements on social standards and quality norms. This enables auditing and includes escrow and automated payment settlements.


ARXUM revolutionizes the manufacturing industry by interconnecting manufacturers, suppliers and customers in one network. The network lets data be transferred effortlessly between the users, enabling customized manufacturing for the same price as mass production – for the first time in history. In turn, a completely new marketplace is created, where everyone can participate. ARXUM uses blockchain technology and is run by a team of experienced engineers. Watch our video to learn more about how we change the manufacturing world as we enter Industry 4.0.



ARXUM is a team of experienced industrial engineers. We tackle problems in the manufacturing industry by interconnecting manufacturers, suppliers and customers in a blockchain-based network. Data can be transferred effortlessly between the users and machines, enabling customized manufacturing for the same price as mass production - for the first time in history.

ARXUM is based on a longtime existing German company in the field of process automation – Arend Prozessautomation GmbH. The businesses are separated to clearly distinguish between ARXUM's software and Arend's services. ARXUM combines software and hardware development competences with industrial production experience to attach physical machines to the Blockchain world. Arend provides engineering services in the field of industrial process automation and robotics.

What problems does the
manufacturing industry face today?


Today's consumers want something more, something unique and tailored just for them. But for manufacturers, this is too costly to provide.

Manufacturers, clients and suppliers are scattered all over the globe, which makes it hard and expensive to communicate.

Older IT-systems are incompatible and production orders take hours of human labour to do.


Older machines are incompatible with one another and aren’t connected to the internet.

Documentation of production processes, shipping, proof-of-existence and proof-of-ownership is expensive.

The industry doesn’t have a trustless payment system, so it must tie up funds in a trust account.

ARXUM’s Solutions


When manufacturers use ARXUM’s technology, they can produce customized products at the price of mass production.


Individuals and businesses can come together in ARXUM’s marketplace and interact digitally to produce goods.


The production processes become quicker and cheaper thanks to the automatic production process that ARXUM enables.


Clients, manufacturers and suppliers gain a fully digitalized connection.

How Does It Work?

ARXUM connection box

The ARXUM Connection Box (ACB)

The ARXUM Connection Box (ACB) is a device invented by our experienced team of engineers and programmers. It connects the physical world of machines to the blockchain. Through the ACB, machines are connected to smart contracts. The ACB can also receive and send payments and initiate production. That way, less manual labour is needed in the production process. ARXUM uses blockchain technology to automatically send production orders. Enormous amounts of money are saved by replacing manual labour with standardized framework contracts.

The ARXUM Production Network

When the ARXUM Connection Box is linked to production machines, a blockchain-based network is established. This is the ARXUM Production Network. The machines can interact with one another on the network and production orders can be downloaded straight from the blockchain. Easy! The network also works as a marketplace where individuals and businesses can interact and produce goods together.

ARXUM production protocol

The ARXUM Production Protocol

The ARXUM Production Protocol is what automates the manufacturing processes. It connects businesses, individuals and production machines with one another through smart contracts. It also delivers end-to-end visibility within everything that happens during the production. This includes things like proof of ownership, proof of existence, location and provenance.
These features enable Intelligent Production Facilities. Intelligent machines connected directly to the blockchain can exchange information and control one another. This includes machines with crypto-wallets that can pay other machines for actions, so called M2M payments.

What’s in it for the industry?

The manufacturing industry benefits greatly from using ARXUM.

Today's consumers want something more, something unique and tailored just for them. But for manufacturers, this is too costly to provide. But by using ARXUM, customization is possible at the same cost as mass production.
Small manufacturers can compete on the market when they integrate their machines in the ARXUM system. They are able to join the Industry 4.0-movement easily.
The costs associated with trust are reduced. Finishing orders that are never paid or declining jobs because of lack of trust is no longer an issue.

Tracking the origin of goods and proving provenance is cheaper and transparent.
Inventors and retailers can search for suitable manufacturers and suppliers worldwide and produce their product immediately, even across factories.
The ARXUM Connection Box can connect older machines without having to upgrade the machines first.
Collected machine data can be sold or used to optimize manufacturing processes.

How do consumers benefit from ARXUM?


A customer can for example have an old car part, that no longer exists on the market, re-manufactured.

shopping cart

Shoe retailers can offer each customer a customized shoe. Style, sole, cushioning, anything the customer could possibly want can be customized and produced immediately.


A customer buying a new car can customize the cars style and features. Even changes up until a few weeks before delivery can be made.


Because consumers can send their orders straight to the factory, they save time and money.


All participants of the ARXUM platform save money and time through the direct connection between factories and users.

ARXUM makes it possible to produce customized products at the price of mass production. It also gives people the opportunity to produce their own creations in a new marketplace. Manufacturers connected to the ARXUM Production Network benefit from secure connectivity, standardized technology and rich data attachments with each production order. All participants of the ARXUM platform save money and time through the direct connection between factories and users.

hands shaking

ARXUM's Production Network based on blockchain technology outperforms today's infrastructure. It lowers costs, increases processing speed and delivers end-to-end visibility of production fees, timing and delivery.

Blockchain technology keeps intellectual property secure. This also applies to:
• The procurement process,
• The proof of the manufacturing process and ownership
• The logistic process
• The service payment

Platform Principles


The Team

ARXUM stems from an established German company in the field of process automation.

The founders of ARXUM are serial entrepreneurs and have several decades of professional experience. Their areas of expertise are software development and management of listed and private companies. The founders have also helped companies grow from a 0 to more than 200 million EUR turnover. ARXUM’s core team consists of software developers of embedded systems, application programming, industrial PLC systems and the blockchain.

Founder & Management

Markus Jostock


Founder & Managing Director ARXUM

Markus is a seasoned management professional with more than 15 years' experience in full-stack software design and development.

He is responsible for the development of the ARXUM Connection Box with strong cyber security features and technology expertise in the field of Industry 4.0, Cyber Security and Blockchain applications.

Jens Harig

Jens Harig, Dipl.- Ing.

Founder & Managing Director ARXUM

Jens is an experienced Manager with a technical background. A Venture capital investor in the phase of introducing the Internet and mobile technologies and experienced with IPO's. He spent more than 15 years in the IT industry.

He was CEO/ CFO of a rapidly growing, listed IT-company (IT services, software and mobile technologies) with subsidiaries in Germany and other European countries.


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