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Trusted Blockchains for the Open, Intelligent Energy Network of the Future

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Alexandra Witzke

Alexandra Witzke

The collaborative project “Trusted Blockchains for the Open, Intelligent Energy Grid of the Future” (tbiEnergy) explores the implementation of blockchain-supported, local energy trading for end-users.

To cater to the unique nuances of the German energy market, new blockchain solutions must be formulated, as current solutions fall short. The project places strong emphasis on a robust hardware security model in conjunction with the smart meter gateway. Employing cryptographic blockchain technology in tandem with hardware-secured IoT devices or smart meter gateways is intended to deter third-party interference within the system.

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For deeper insights or any questions about the tbiEnergy project, please don't hesitate to reach out to us. We are ready and willing to provide the information you need and guide you through this innovative approach to energy trading.

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