Empowering Digital Transformation

The ARXUM® Suite

The ARXUM® Suite

Reshaping the future of digitalization

The ARXUM® Suite is a revolutionary ready-to-use middleware that connects enterprise IT systems through blockchain-based business logic.

Our solution reduces complexity and increases efficiency in connecting IT systems, enabling organizations to streamline processes, eliminate delays, and reduce costs associated with digitization gaps.

It offers a complete technology stack that includes local electrons and client agents, orchestration, a blockchain gateway, infrastructure, IPFS, and vertical modules.

Experience the power of our ARXUM® Suite, the holistic solution organizations need to thrive in today's digital landscape.

Key Features and Benefits

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Data Integrity and Security

Ensuring the highest level of data integrity and security, our Suite provides easy file verifiability and recovery for organizations.

- 02

Paper Waste

An innovative solution that reduces paper waste while simplifying audit trails, promoting sustainable and efficient operations.

- 03

Audit Trails

Facilitating easy tracking and management of processes through streamlined audit trails.

- 04

Compliance Risk Management

Real-time information and alerts enable proactive mitigation of compliance risks, keeping organizations ahead of potential issues.

- 05

Device Compatibility

Our solution is compatible with any lab device, offering flexibility and customization to meet diverse business needs.

- 06

Seamless Integration

Integrating effortlessly with various digital devices, including tablets, smartphones, and AR glasses, to accommodate organizational preferences.

- 07

Remote Management
of Quality Events

The Suite enables convenient and flexible remote management of quality events.

- 08


Proactively staying ahead of compliance risks and maintaining continuous compliance through real-time transparency.

- 09

Additional Protection

The electronic 4/6 eyes feature offers an extra layer of security, ensuring that all transactions are securely validated.

Elevate Your Operations

Top Advantages of the ARXUM® SUITE Technology

Experience the ARXUM® advantage, where we deliver personalized solutions tailored to your needs, backed by unparalleled expertise and support. Let us demonstrate how our groundbreaking blockchain technology can transform your business and propel your operations to new heights.

Effortless Integration

Seamlessly connect the ARXUM® Blockchain Application to your corporate IT systems with minimal effort, thanks to our plug-and-play approach.

Optimal Cost Control

Pay only for actual data consumption and avoid excessive software development costs, ensuring maximum cost management.

Unrivaled Data Sovereignty

Take full control of your data with the option to run an in-house copy of the blockchain network, guaranteeing unparalleled data security and sovereignty.

Rapid Deployment

Implement your first business case within days using our ARXUM® blockchain application, enabling swift go-live and accelerated ROI.

Tailored Solutions

Customize our blockchain services to address your unique supply chain challenges and requirements.

Seamless Scalability

Adapt effortlessly to increased users, transactions, and network partners without additional software development, providing maximum flexibility and scalability.

Clients & Partners

Don't just take our word for it, listen to what our clients and partners have to say about their experiences with us.

With its blockchain solution for the chemical and pharmaceutical industry, ARXUM has emerged as a top startup, not only regionally but also internationally, with locations in Germany, France, and Bulgaria. A significant part of our startup ecosystem for over three years, ARXUM's industry-tailored, yet broad product range has impressed our other ecosystem partners, including at our X-Linker 'Lab of the Future'. We eagerly anticipate ARXUM's further successes both within and beyond our ecosystem.
Alexander Böser
Senior Ecosystem Manager - Chemistry at 5-HT Digital Hub Chemistry & Health
ARXUM has proven to be an agile partner. They guided us in aligning blockchain services for laboratory and research applications, never hesitating to provide us access to development environments to ensure the solution works for BASF - even from a technical perspective.
Nikola Dimitrov
R&D System Design and Architecture - BASF Business Services GmbH
Arxum is a cutting-edge startup that specializes in process analysis and end-to-end digitalization of supply chains. The entire team is renowned for their high level of professionalism, constructive approach, and enjoyable collaboration.
Laura Schwehm​
Project Leader Health Innovation Hub - Business + Innovation Center Kaiserslautern GmbH
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