The ARXUM Production Protocol successfully implemented

ARXUM has successfully implemented the ARXUM Production Protocol in an application where users can ordertheir own personalized beer coasters. The production processis possible thanks to ARXUM’s technology and is completely automated. When the user makes an order, it’s written into a smart contract on the blockchain. The ARXUM Connection Box downloads the contract directly from the blockchain,reads the process order and using the ARXUM Production Protocol, the production starts.

The Beer coaster Champion ( uses ARXUM’s Production Protocol to execute the production process.Incoming beer coaster orders are sent to the engraving machine by the ARXUM Production Protocol and theARXUM Connection Box (ACB), which are connected to the production line. To use the ARXUM Production Protocol, the Beer coaster Champion must purchase after a 90 days free trial period a certain amount of ARXUM token (AX) and keep them as long as the manufacturer uses the ARXUMProduction Protocol. 

At the production site in Germany, the ARXUM Connection Box (ACB) constantly scans for new production order contracts in state 0 (new). When it detects a contract like that, it extracts the data from the production order. The data is the customized text and the shipment information. When the order data has been extracted from the smart contract, the production order changes to 1 (order accepted). A state 2 (order rejected) could also be set. The customization and shipment data are transferred to the production line and the production process commences. When the beer coaster production has begun, the ACB sends a signed transaction to the production order smart contract, which changes the state of the production order to 3 (production in progress). Once the ACB detects the end of a successful order, the production order state is changed to 4 (finished). The smart contract then transfers the manufacturing fee from the smart contract to the ERC20 wallet of the manufacturer.

This initial application proves the working principles of ARXUM’s Production Protocol. The technology can be implemented for other use cases by adding industry specific requirements. ARXUM decentralizes the manufacturing industry and makes it possible to produce customized goods at the price of mass production. Manufacturers can use ARXUM’s network to share their manufacturing equipment to reduce costs and to achieve growth.

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