Leveraging supply chain processes through

Blockchain Technology

Traditional SCM solutions struggle with the ever-growing complexity and dynamics of modern supply chains. Blockchain’s distributed ledger Technology comes with built-in characteristics that perfectly address today’s Supply Chain challenges, such as data integrity and scalability. Using the power of the Blockchain, ARXUM has created a unique licensing model for future-proof, ready-to-use SCM Services. 

That‘s what we call Blockchain-powered Supply Chain Innovation!


As a user of the ARXUM licensing model you are able to run a fully customizable Supply Chain application on your own knot in the ARXUM Blockchain Network. Our solution consists of three main elements:



A ready-to-use blockchain infrastructure connects the diversified IT-systems between partner companies, suppliers and customers. This so called Blockchain Permission Network sets the basis for secure data exchange between all Supply Chain participants.



Within this network Smart Contracts provide programmable scripts that are able to execute automated business logic. All partner interactions deriving from that can be controlled and automatically documented with an immutable audit trail.



Building up on those Smart Contracts ARXUM provides three basic ready-to-use services that can be customized to meet your individual supply chain challenge, such as End-to-end visibility or externally triggered transfers.

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Plug and Play Blockchain Technology

Provision of the complete ecosystem to connect the ARXUM Blockchain application to your own corporate IT systems.

Maximum Cost Control

License-based cost model according to actual data consumption instead of exploding software development costs.

Data Sovereignty

Maximum control over your data by running your own copy of the blockchain network in-house.

Fast Ramp-up

First Business Case based on ARXUM Blockchain Application up and running within 2-3 days.


Complete customizability of the blockchain services customized to meet your individual supply chain challenges.


Seamless Scalability for a growing number of users, transactions or network partners without further software development.