The robots are talking to one another –  and it’s a good thing.

Robotics and technology, like artificial intelligence, seem to push the boundaries of manufacturing efficiency every day.

However, we find anything but automation when we look at the big picture:

1.      Client/factory communication

2.      Multiple factories involved in producing a single product

ARXUM targets that problem – by leveraging blockchain technology, it forms a trusted database that spans across multiple organizations, moving intelligence down to the machine level and automating payment in ways never seen before.


Customization: The enemy of the production line

On one end of the spectrum, clients are demanding more and more customization. Personalized products like shoes and cars online have become an expectation. On the other side of the spectrum, the logistical gymnastics required to execute on these promises have become more challenging. But the bar has been set and customers expect to be able to customize their products.


The problem with integration is integration

While system integration is an advanced topic within a manufacturing facility, the inter-factory communication layer and the client-to-manufacturing layer remain inefficient.

With each organization running a unique billing and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system, the administrative burden of confirming and managing a project adds significant complexity. 

When projects run for a long time and are high value enough, integrating these ERP-systems becomes viable. However, for the other 80% of projects, it’s simply not worth the cost and effort.


Blockchain: The Industry 4.0 database

ARXUM provides:

1)     A blockchain based communication protocol that spans across both factories and clients. This gives everyone a standardized view into the manufacturing process. At the same time, it provides fine grained access control and order detail down to the item and part level.

2)     A physical device called the ARXUM Connection Box (ACB), which allows machinery to directly connect to the blockchain.

3)     A secure and fluid blockchain based payment mechanism.

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