“The Blockchain: A game changer “

One of the (many) benefits the Blockchain offers is the re-intermediation of trust, thanks to its algorithm architecture and security. In manufacturing, it makes it possible to reassign responsibilities, like payments and product configuration, to a smart-contract, which is an autonomous program running all defined conditions on the Blockchain. Manufacturers, suppliers, carriers, inventors and consumers are brought together with the Blockchain, and combined with smart contracts in the era of Industry 4.0, the list of benefits of this trust re-intermediation is large: Cost savings: No useless intermediation, you can ask the manufacturers directly for customized shoes, or even a phone, at the price of mass production. Transparency: You can follow every step of the production of your customized phone or car from order to delivery. Productivity and efficiency: You want to change your new car’s colour in the last minute of production? That’s okay, machines are connected in real-time. Devices’ production data is used for adjustments in operations. Security: Payments are automated according to rules agreed upon between manufacturers and customers, and the stage of production is directly reported by machines. Access: Equitable access for every player, from supplier to carrier, and the customer. Quality: Errors are spotted and compared to the fault tolerance defined for the product. These technologies are here with ARUXM.

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