Security is key in digitalization

Statement from Markus Jostock, Co-Founder of ARXUM


The digitalization of production plants generates production transparencyhighly decreases costs and increases efficiency.Every company that wants to continue producing competitively in the future must deal with this topic and invest in the expansion of technology. However, the increasing integration of IoTdevices and the extensive networking of physical production infrastructure also creates completely new challenges. IoT gateways installed in production are mostly complete computers inside – only without keyboard, mouse and monitor. Unlike office PCs, IoTcomputers usually do not take any precautions for ITsecurity, as the focus is on system availability. Very few devices are designed for open networking in terms of security and rely completely on a possible firewall.


Today, ITattacks are fully automated across multiple instances, leaving corporate network penetration and unprotected IoTdevice infections undetected for years. They can be infected over long periods of time, skimming sensitive data or even causing further damage as part of a botnet. Companies that network their production facilities should therefore urgently use IoTdevices that implement a sound security-by-design approach.


One such device is the ARXUM Connection Box. It has been developed right from the start with a security-by-design approach and uses a TPM crypto processor to provide superior security features.

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