Supply Chain Traceability

End-to-end visibility for regulated and fragile supply chains.

Supply Chain Traceabilty means to ensure secure end-to-end visibility for various parties alongside complex Supply Chains. For only if supply chain information is provided tamper- and audit-proof at any time, it is possible to intervene quickly to protect your business in critical situations.

ARXUM gives you full access to real-time information alongside your Supply Chain – including location or condition data as well as complete traceability back to the raw material producer – whenever you need it.

How does it work

ARXUM brings the power of blockchain technology to the supply chain. We use distributed ledger technology to connect all parties in the supply chain through a distributed database. All information is provided decentrally, invariably and visibly for all parties involved. This includes information such as…:

  • Proof of ownership
  • proof of existence
  • Location
  • Origin/Provenience


50% potential cost savings on business operations

by reducing or eliminating the need for reconciliation, confirmation and trade break analysis.

30-50% potential cost savings on compliance

due to improved transparency and auditability.

81% of executives

expect enhanced traceability in supply chain operations.
Case study

Case study: Mustermarket

A nationwide supermarket chain operates an ecosystem of regional suppliers to deliver fresh produce to its stores. To ensure complete traceability of individual products back to the producer in case of an outbreak of a food-borne disease, the company relies on a blockchain solution from ARXUM.