Supply Chain Security

Maximum security for data and transactions in increasingly sensitive supply chains.

Protect your supply chains reliably against manipulation and unauthorized access. As a digital accounting system, blockchain technology manages data records, processes and transactions in a decentralised manner, enabling companies to securely exchange data and transfer business information with their industrial customers and suppliers.
Cryptographic encryption and decentralized access management form the basis for highly resilient supply chain processes.

How does it works?

The use of cryptography and the storage of data in a distributed system lead to a high level of security and thus to confidence building. The transactions of all parties in the supply chain are automatically recorded and controlled. In addition, the use of a private key provides an additional protection function to prevent sustained manipulation by, for example, overwriting data.


IP protection through immutability of data

Revision safety (Auditable-by-Design)

Protection against cyber attacks through integrated cryptography

Security gains through mutual monitoring of systems

Anomaly detection within plants

Increased robustness due to decentralised storage and design

Case study

Case study: 3D printing

In the additive production of aircraft parts using 3D printing, the challenge was to develop an end-to-end security solution that protects against pirated copies. Because when a manufacturer needs a spare part and provides a print service provider with 3D print files for it, security questions arise: Who is allowed to read the file? Is it unadulterated? Can it be copied so that the spare part can be illegally copied at a lower price? ARXUM was able to use a blockchain solution for its customer to ensure that the file could no longer be changed. The print data can be sent directly to the 3D printer via a cryptographically secured smart contract. This is because the aircraft manufacturer can compare the checksum formed by them with his hash value.