Supply Chain Automation

Automated execution of business logic through Smart Contracts

Accelerate your supply chain processes and minimize the administrative effort when collaborating with network partners. Smart contracts provide a disruptive way to implement and automatically execute cross-company business logic such as data routing, event response, alerting and access control.

How does it work?

Smart contracts are intelligent, digital contracts that execute themselves as soon as the contract conditions are met. They enable automated transaction processing and enforcement of rules and sanctions between cross-company partners along complex supply chains. This includes e.g:

  • Automatic payment processing
  • Rejection of deliveries in the event of non-fulfilled contractual conditions, e.g. missing or incomplete product data
  • Penalties for late making available or damage.


No need for intermediaries or middlemen

Fully automated processing of the contract without manual intervention.

No delays or waiting times

by examining the contractual conditions and communication between the contracting parties.

More efficiency in purchasing and disposition

e.g. through independent repeat orders or automatic supplier verification.
Case study

Case study: Mass Customization

Personalized mass products require a fully digital process between customers, manufacturers and suppliers. ARXUM can automatically route production data from a customer-specific adaptation via a smart contract into a production machine. The product configuration is consolidated from different systems in the smart contract and manufactured automatically by the machine. All events in the production chain are documented traceably in the smart contract.