Securing resource provenance & enabling true supply chain transparency

Sustainability requirements and limited resource availability has become a critical factor for raw material providers. Customers and end consumers demand unadulterated and trustworthy traceability along the complete supply chain. Time to act digital!

The waste of over


is either dumped or subject to uncontrolled burning

Supply chains are under pressure to provide pristine visibility of provenance of raw materials. Packaging materials and wrappings must prove sustainable sourcing and environmental impact.

A new generation of consumers is increasingly willing to buy from sustainability oriented brands.

Corporate management is held responsible for material sourcing 
 and global effects of international supply chains.

High demands for raw materials and market depletion foster fraud material offerings and illegal profit seeking. Customers demand sincere efforts from corporates and availability of information. Regulators and consumers sanction fraudulent behaviour and put brand reputation at stake.

This requires fully digital tracking systems with trustworthy security 
 and solutions with global accessibility.


Customer Story: Greenback

Project Greenback is building the world's most advanced recycling platform for plastic packaging and ARXUM is providing the blockchain based tracking infrastructure.

Pickers deliver collected plastic SKUs at rural collection centres where previously material was only weighted

Exact plastic weight and type are identified through AI and linked to the picker. The exact material price is accurately paid to the picker.

Plastic is digitized on the blockchain, as for each kilogram of material a corresponding amount of asset tokens is created by smart contracts.

Material token balances are tracked while different types of plastics are transformed and recycled into new and cleaned raw materials.

Tokens serve as certificate of origin and recycling to customers. Immutable tracking is maintained until the material is sold and leaves the system.



  • Pickers access their collection balance and due payments.
  • Brands have access to collection statistics of their own products
  • Business clients receive an immutable token as certificate of true recycling
  • Broker view provides available material stock in different recycling centers
  • Fraud is prevented as material can only be added with proof of origin