Rolling audits

Securing the food supply chain through ongoing audits based on a supplier supermarket

In view of the super-fast spread of online media and increasingly complex food supply chains, food authenticity has become a crucial factor in brand protection. Missing data and manual data provision hinder supply chain transparency. Time to go digital!

"56% of food and beverage companies have at least one recall per year"

In order to ensure product quality, food safety and food authenticity or to investigate a suspected quality defect, producers need access to different types of data, such as:

  • HACCP and laboratory reports from our own production facilities
  • supplier certificates for allergens, kosher, halal or vegan food ingredients
  • Cleaning certificates for tank trucks and previous transport
  • proof of origin and authenticity

"8 out of 10 companies only record the supplier's batch data on the basis of a justified suspicion"

The ARXUM® suite enables direct access to data through a register technology with cryptographic access protection.

The metadata register is accessible to holders of the required keys. Each data owner grants individual access to potential data recipients. The data that is still stored with the owner is offered as if on a supermarket shelf.
Brand owners automatically pull data in real time as access rules allow. Every data access request and data transfer is invariably recorded and documented. The data owner has full control over the access and transfer rules.

Digitise your supply chain & secure your quality management with block chain based services from ARXUM®.

For brands:

  • Increase the quality of data transparency through digital continuous audits that are always available online
  • Establishment of quality SPC beyond company boundaries
  • Gain direct and real-time access to detailed product/material/transport data
  • examination of relevant data with increased efficiency, ready to report within minutes
  • Traceability leads to an excellent quality history

for suppliers:

  • Reduce the manual effort of answering customer queries for data provision
  • Offer your customers time-stamped digital fingerprints of product quality data and certificates
  • Define all rules of data access for your customers, e.g. a percentage of sample data per day, etc.
  • Rely on unalterable records of all data transfers
  • Request automatic data access from your own suppliers to ensure full supply chain traceability