How to cut down warranty costs in the Automotive Industry

Facing high volumes and increasingly complex products, warranty management has become a crucial factor the automotive sector, causing high saving potential in warranty recovery. Time to act! 



are due to the provision and management of product data

Continuous transparency with up-to-date production information is essential for the efficient handling of complaints during the warranty period and is indispensable in the daily business process. Quality engineers not only need 8D reports for complete defect analysis, but are also dependent on various information from various sources, such as:

  • End-of-Line test data of the defective components
  • MES data from the manufacturing plant
  • Quality documents from global engineering centers
  • Quality assurance contracts agreed with the supplier

Only after checking the target state of the defective component, it is possible to define effective shutdown measures and implement them in production.
However, the information required for this is usually requested manually in personal contact and the provision of this information can take several days. The longer it takes to obtain data, the more inefficient is the entire process of complaints and the decision on corrective action in repetitive manufacturing. Likewise, potential reclaims to suppliers are delayed and additional costs are incurred.

Manually acquired data and high administrative complexity cause waste of time and resources



obtain the data through personal contact, manual research and compilation of the required data


The ARXUM® Suite is providing direct access to data through registry technology with cryptographic access protection.

The meta data registry is accessible for holders of the required keys. Each data owner grants individual access to potential data receivers. Every data access request and all data transfers conducted are immutably recorded and documented.

The person investigating a warranty case has direct and real-time access to meta data. Upon request the full data sets, still located at the data owner’s site, are transferred to the requestor.

Boost the efficiency of your warranty management through blockchain powered Traceability services by ARXUM®.


  • Get direct and real-time access to meta data
  • Access relevant internal and external data, in minutes ready to investigate
  • Increase efficiency for each warranty case recovery
  • No communication issues between departments
  • Traceability of each warranty case is leading to an excellent quality history 


  • Cut away manual effort for responding to customer requests for data provision
  • Provide your clients with a time - stamped digital fingerprint of product and test data
  • Define all rules of data access for your customers
  • Get immutable records of all data transfers
  • Request automated data access from your own suppliers to provide full stack traceability