Holistic BPM - A Turbo Boost for Transparency, Efficiency and Quality

Business process transparency

Business process owners in large organizations have a hell of a job: to ensure transparency, compliance, quality, and efficiency of cross-functional workflows, they need corporate wide process-related information. But relevant data is located in a confusing multitude of ERP, MES, CAQ, or warehouse management systems - in non-harmonized formats, in a variety of business logics, and sometimes is even geographically dispersed. As unique solution world wide, the ARXUM® Suite provides simple tracking and high transparency across various data sources.

Business Process Overview

"71% of companies consider digitisation has biggest impact on business processes of corporates"

Process owner mostly have the same questions:

  • Which processes are not on track?
  • How can I monitor all processes in realtime?
  • How can I benchmark process KPIs and detect best practices?
  • How can I reduce operational complexity?

Companies should not allow a system wide super user admin for data access on all systems due to cyber security risks. But a smart access to the relevant databases at all process stages is the key to transparency. Through a pin-pointed data retrieval from individual silos and data systems and by aggregating and filtering relevant data into a virtual data bucket, the ARXUM® Suite allows for report generation at any stage.

Automate Corporate Wide DATA Flows - Business process condition monitoring

Business Process Enforcement

As the ARXUM® Suite is filling virtual data buckets, process related conditions can be permanently measured, monitored, and documented. Relevant events are time-stamped, and securely documented, process deviations lead to real time alarms for managing process owners. The ARXUM® Suite is based on a blockchain back-end and provides cutting edge technology for future-oriented, corporate wide data integration!

Technical advantages:

  • Transparency
    Full picture of a complete process workflow with a target/actual-comparison
  • Automation
    Define rules for automated process execution according to process workflow
  • Disintermediation
    Eliminate media disruption through a holistic process image
  • Immutability
    More efficient tracing through less time spent searching and verifying

Business benefits:

  • Process Quality
    Process KPI and real-time reporting
    Continuous process improvements
  • Cost Savings
    Improved predictions and decision-making
    Fast reaction through alerts
  • Efficiency
    Gain efficiency with automated order processing workflows
  • Compliance
    Prevent non-compliant results from being processed or delivered