Enhancing Supply Chains in

Food & Beverages

Knowing exactly when shipments will arrive, where ingredients come from and in what condition they are is crucial to ensure safety and trust in global food systems. ARXUM Blockhain Technology provides the tools to establish a completely new level of transparency, collaboration and trust for all participants across the food supply through a permissioned, permanent and shared record of food system data. The result is a customizable suite of solutions that can increase food safety and freshness, unlock supply chain efficiencies, minimize waste, enhance your brand’s reputation, and contribute directly to your bottom line.


Food safety

Minimize your response time in food safety incidents and adapt your processes to increasingly demanding regulatory standards through a secure, shared and permissioned record of transactions.

Food freshness

Reduce product losses and quality issues in complex global food supply chains through real End-to-end visibility.

Supply Chain effiency

Enhance collaboration to reduce waste and speed up your SC-operations by applying smart contracts and real-time demand forecasting.

Food trust & sustainability

Respond to growing consumer awareness of sustainability and quality at all levels of the supply chain. Counteract food fraud effectively and establish a trusted system to connect all participants in the food system - from producers, suppliers, manufacturers, distributors, and retailers to the end-customer.


  • Provenance Tracking

    Seamless End-to-end transparency reduces spoilage and allows faster recalls.
  • Tamper proof Supply Chain Information

    Immutable, shared databases prevent food fraud along the food supply chain.
  • Real-Time Data

    Advanced Location and Condition Data mitigates risks and recalls.
  • Smart Contracts

    Automated smart contracts make management of documents and certificates easier than ever.
Case study

Case study: Nationwide supermarket group

A nationwide supermarket chain operates an ecosystem of regional suppliers to deliver fresh produce to its stores. To ensure complete traceability of individual products back to the producer in case of an outbreak of a food-borne disease, the company relies on a blockchain solution from ARXUM.