Extend digitisation across company borders

Free resources by automated digital data exchange

Companies conduct huge investments in Industry 4.0 and production digitization. But digital data exchange stops at departments or company borders and data is piling up in internally!

"65%* of respondents have experienced at least one supply chain disruption
*BCI Supply Chain Resilience Report 2017 in association with Zürich"

Although most data is digitized in some kind, many processes are still and unnecessarily executed manually:

  • Customer requests for quality data or End-of- Line data are received per email and answered manually
  • Data is manually collected from different departments and their data silos in personal contact
  • Missing supply chain monitoring leads to no visibility of the overall performance

Improve your supply chain performance by interconnecting with suppliers and customers!

Extending digital data exchange over the complete supply chain with automated data serving over the company’s networks is the consequent next step to leverage the hidden savings potential.

The Arxum® Suite is providing direct data access through registry technology with cryptographic access protection.

The meta data registry is accessible for holders of the authorized keys. Each data owner grants individual access to potential data receivers. Every data access request and all data transfers conducted are immutably recorded and documented.

  • Opening data silos grants real time access and cuts collection time from days to minutes while keeping data safely in your silo
  • Manage data access through secure and immutable technology
  • Integrate production machines with IoT gateways make their data easily available

Boost the efficiency of your data management through blockchain powered Transfer and Traceability services by ARXUM®

  • Reduce administration time for data collection and save money
  • Provide a time - stamped digital fingerprint of product & test data
  • Settle warranty investigations in shortest of time
  • Offer new data based business to your customer
  • Integrate production and the supply chain to create transparency
  • Help your staff getting things done quickly