End-to-End production flow transparency through tracking the raw material journey

The Chemical Industry Tracing Issue

In the chemical industry, the complex, multistage and globally distributed production processes make tracing the flow from the raw material to the final product a tough task. In many cases there is a striking lack of transparency about the sources of raw materials, and their quantities and critical importance in intermediate or end products. The lack of transparency poses serious thre- ats to inventoryeffectiveness, compliance, and supply security, slows downplanning processes and impedes efficient risk, business continuity, and quality management.

End-to-End production flow transparency has a great impact on:

  • Supply security & business continuity
  • Real-time decision making
  • Procurement & financial planning
  • Operational execellence and quality
  • Demand-driven production

The Challenge of Disappointing Technology

Conventional digital approaches & tools quickly reach their limits when it comes to collecting stock and process information from the widespread production network, consolidating data from heterogeneous IT systems and efficiently manage access rights. They require high amounts of time and budget to implement and run, operate platforms with low-level data standards, increase cyber security risks through, or are vulnerable to manipulation Ensuring automated, holistic, tamper-proof and near-real-time tracking of the material flow requires a radically different approach.

The Solution

  • The ARXUM® Suite taps into data silos of different supply chain partners. Based on a blockchain backend each data owner controls the rules on the access to their data. Guarded by individual rulesets data exchange and ac- cess is completely automated and provides the right piece of information from different sources at the right moment.
  • ARXUM® pulls data from any IT system into virtual data buckets. Individual data buckets are filled from supplier data lakes and provide the basis for concise reports on supply chain and material information.