Corporate policy

Corporate policy of ARXUM GmbH

As a globally active company, we enable our customers and partners to automate business processes across companies using blockchain technology. We are therefore convinced that safety and health at work, quality, environmental protection and energy efficiency are essential pillars for the long-term preservation and development capability of our company and, therefore, must be integrated into our business processes.

ARXUM GmbH is aware of its responsibility towards different interest groups such as customers, employees and the general public. Our highest principles are the satisfaction of these interest groups as well as the fulfillment of contractual and legal requirements.


We advise and support our customers in a cooperative partnership by inquiring about their needs and wishes and orienting our product development accordingly. We meet the needs of our customers by means of innovative and professional services. This objective is decisive for our business planning.


Motivated and satisfied employees ensure the long-term success of our company. Therefore, we do not only attach importance to a good working atmosphere, but also apply a cooperative leader style and include our employees in the decision-making process. We are constantly improving our company-specific knowledge and skills. In this way, we guarantee our employees the best possible qualifications and promote the values laid down in our ethics, compliance and corporate guidelines, as well as our management principles. These principles are the benchmarks for correct behaviour. The safety and health of our employees is our top priority.

Leadership style

Within ARXUM GmbH, a cooperative management style is vividly maintained between the employees and the management positions. This is reflected in a friendly working atmosphere and fair and trusting behavior with each other. We motivate our employees as much as possible and limit their decision constraints as little as possible. In addition, we attach great importance to regular personal meetings to minimise the social distance within our diversified and intercultural staff.

Laws, regulations and legal requirements

We are committed to complying with legal requirements and regulations in the areas of quality, environmental protection, energy and health and safety at work. We determine and evaluate the binding obligations and expectations of interested parties.

Continuous improvement

We continuously improve our products and processes at all levels with the aim towards a zero-defect strategy. With innovative ideas we improve our future opportunities and we are always one step ahead of our competitors, through new services on the market and continuous process improvements:

  • On the basis of regular customer surveys and their evaluation we are constantly and persistently improving the quality of our services and products.
  • We avoid or minimise environmental impacts and risks to the safety and health of our employees through active preventive measures.
  • Through regular employee feedback, we ensure a constant improvement in the working atmosphere and employee satisfaction, whether in the company office or when working remotely.
  • We make sure that measures correspond to the state of the art of occupational medicine and hygiene as well as other standard and advanced ergonomic knowledge.
  • We strive to exceed market requirements with the greatest possible efficiency and effectiveness.


We pay special attention to the protection of the environment and the efficient use of natural resources, taking into account economic aspects.

Internal and external communication

We maintain a comprehensive and cooperative exchange of information and gather experiences with all interest groups.

Company goals

Targets are cooperatively defined for all functional areas and levels. The goals, which are thematically aligned with corporate policy, are assigned responsibilities and constitute a timeframe and key figures for measuring the degree of goal achievement. In regular meetings, the management monitors the achievement of objectives and, if necessary, adjusts the targets on the basis of developments and findings from the various activities.

All employees are comprehensively informed about the goals and results of the company.

The company policy is communicated to the individual employees by the heads of the divisions.

Within the framework of the Integrated Management Handbook (IMH), the management defines the Integrated Management System. All employees are obliged to orientate their operational actions to the guidelines of the Integrated Management Handbook and thus implement the company policy and goals.