Core Values

Wearing your heart on the sleeve❣️

At Arxum, mutual trust creates a harm-free working culture, where we speak candidly & courageous and allow vulnerability when in search of truth. We interact as equal humans who treat each other with respect and honesty. It is desirable to ask for help and to value each one's contribution to our joint success.

We provide solutions for customer benefit 🔝

At Arxum, we act professionally! The spotlight is focused on our customer and his specific needs. We provide high quality, holistic solutions which enable customer success today and in the future. That's why we pay attention to the smallest details to professionally serve our customers.

Autonomous way of achieving results 💪

At Arxum, we love what we do! We encourage our employees to follow their individual approach to reach their maximum productivity and grow their competence. We work in a distributed environment in an autonomous way.

It's a multiplayer game! 👏

At Arxum, we are team players, holding ourselves accountable for our actions. We like sharing our ideas and knowledge with our colleagues, proactively supporting each other, maintaining an environment of open collaboration.

Set the box on fire 🔥

We transcend "out of the box thinking", there are no limits for our minds! We are a courageous team thinking beyond the obvious routes, seeking alternate perspectives and transforming ideas into creative solutions.

Why so Serious? 🤣

We spice our work with a trace of humour. For us it's very important to have fun at work. Arxum is an environment where serious work and humorous interactions are in harmony.

The future is ours! 🚀

At Arxum, we are visionaries! Each one of us contributes with innovative spirit to shape our vision of being a company that changes the world.