Blockchain technology is changing food supply chain

Food Technology Magazine published an article in which they discuss ” How Blockchain Is Changing the Supply Chain Conversation” .
Discussing topics such as how blockchain went from crptocurrencies to supply chain, how blockchain can be applied to food supply chains and what are the drawbacks and limitations this article is a must read.
…” Advances in epidemiology and laboratory detection methods have put scrutiny on food supply chains’ abilities to trace and track products reliably in the case of food safety incidents. Food companies wish to find technological solutions to address this complex area. The ability to quickly and meaningfully share data between supply chain partners, until recently, has been difficult to do due to lower investment in digital technologies. Blockchain, having advantages like immutability and time stamping, has a natural use case in food logistics and traceability. Food supply chains have traditionally been opaque because it is a fast-moving industry where supply chain segments are not always constant, and recordkeeping is just now becoming regularly digitized. Investing in a novel technology is not surprising given these ideas…. ” Read the entire article here: