Managing complex supply networks in the

Automotive Industry

The automotive industry stands for global supply chain networks and highly automated manufacturing processes. ARXUM provides you with the tools to take Supply Chain traceability, security and transparency of transactions and information to a whole new level in this complex industrial environment. So it's no wonder that 95 percent of automotive manufacturers are already planning significant investments in this area.1 Be at the forefront. 1 IBM Institute for Business Value


Global markets - globalized supply chains

Ensure security for transactions in global supply chains, protect yourself against counterfeiting and misuse through immutable Blockchain data.

Exchange of goods and Data just-in-time

Beyond physical products and components, suppliers today must be able to provide information on the components that is relevant for the manufacturing process. With the ARXUM Blockchain solution, you can quickly and easily generate and share product and process data with your customers and partners.

Proactively manage delays and downtimes

Minimize costly disruptions and outages in the supply chain and shorten the response time of your network in the event of a crisis.

Data sovereignty in complex supplier networks

Accelerate collaboration and information flow across global supplier networks while maintaining full control over your data.


  • Provenance tracking

    Seamless end-to-end transparency reduces waste and enables faster recalls.
  • Tamper-proof supply chain information

    Immutable, share databases minimize errors in the supply chain.
  • Real-time data

    Extended product data and specifications allow OEMs to continuously optimize their production.
  • Smart Contracts

    Smart Contracts enable the fully automated but controlled exchange of cryptographically secured product data across company boundaries.
Case study

Case study: Automotive Supplier

A supplier of electronic components for the automotive industry is obliged by the OEM to provide electronic parts list information and data from the manufacturing process for each of its components in real time. ARXUM's blockchain application enables suppliers to automatically share this information with their customers and other partners on the basis of their existing data infrastructure, thus enabling them to continuously adapt and optimize their own production.