ARXUM® Suite

What is the ARXUM® Suite?

The ARXUM® Suite is the first turn-key supply chain software that enables 100% tamper-proof and automated processing of information in your supply chain.

Based on a common backend, the ARXUM®Suite offers pre-built plug-and-play modules for your supply chain applications, such as monitoring and tracking of goods or regulated data transfers.




Tracking Modul:

Track an object along a chain of predefined or expected events. Get real-time information about WHO is the current owner of the object and WHERE it’s currently located and store the data securely. By storing the information securely and unalterably, all steps/pathways and state transitions (WHO and WHEN changed the state of the object and under what conditions) can be seen and tracked within the tracking chain.



Tokenizing Modul:

Digitize any assets, such as products, machines, hours or even errors using tokens to assign them to digital storage locations and assign them an owner or meaning (e.g. machine hours for machine X). Smart Contracts define permissions and conditions for the creation, transfer, and deletion of tokens. This allows you to determine HOW MUCH is in WHICH digital storage location at any given time.

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Transfer Modul:

Securely release files or data from internal or external data sources to recipients you specify. The data is safely stored in your own IT system until it is called up. The Smart Contract within the Transfer Module contains and checks the business rules according to which the data may be transferred/retrieved. Thus, various conditions, such as the number of data records per period, can be programmed.



Traceability Modul:

Keep an overview at all times in complex, multi-stage production and supply chain processes regardless of the industry you're working in. By backtracking the end product, you can always see which components / parts/ ingredients have been installed or used. You can also see in which end product they were installed / used.

Advantages over conventional SCM software solutions:

  • Sensitive data is stored in the register with a timestamp in such a way that it cannot be changed and can always be traced.
  • The cryptographic encryption of the stored events or data guarantees absolute security on all communication levels, from the machine level to the ERP level.
  • The plug-and-play framework enables deep security and integrated digitization of the supply chain across company boundaries
  • Data is provided fully automatically within the framework of Smart Contracts according to the rules of the business partners.
  • Ready to use modules and an ecosystem for networking all parties involved within the supply chain or company structure ensure cost-efficient and trustworthy cooperation between business partners.
  • The scalable infrastructure allows quick adaptations to new conditions at any time, such as the integration of new data sources or business partners.
  • ARXUM® Suite – Entry Level:
    Start a pilot project in a selected application area and test the possibilities of ARXUM Suite. Benefit from a short implementation phase, and meet your goals quickly.
  • ARXUM® Suite – Extended Level:
    Take the next step - with our extended level suite use additional modules and integrate additional user accounts: gain more more functions along your supply chain.
  • ARXUM® Suite – Pro Level:
    Use the full power of the ARXUM software - with freely configurable functionalities for your individual requirements. Freely expandable in memory table size and number of users, as well as 24/7 support service ensure a scalable solution.
ARXUM® Suite Levels
ARXUM® Suite
ARXUM® Modules 1 2 Individual
Web Interface
Connectivity Agent On-Site
Connected Data Sources 0 2 Individual
User Accounts 5 25 > 25
In-Memory Table Size 128 MB 256 MB 1 GB
Requirements Workshop 1 day 3 day Individual
Set up and on site installation 3 working days included Individual
User Support 8/5 8/5 24/7
Implementation Time ≈ 5-7 days ≈ 3-4 weeks Individual
License-free evaluation period 3 months 6 months 6 months