ARXUM® Suite Technology

Leveraging supply chain processes through Blockchain Technology

Traditional SCM solutions struggle with the ever-growing complexity and dynamics of modern supply chains. Blockchain’s distributed ledger Technology comes with built-in characteristics that perfectly address today’s Supply Chain challenges, such as data integrity and scalability. Using the power of the Blockchain, ARXUM® has created a unique licensing model for future-proof, ready-to-use SCM Services.

That‘s what we call Blockchain-powered Supply Chain Innovation!

How does it work?

As a user of the ARXUM® licensing model you are able to run a fully customizable Supply Chain application on your own knot in the ARXUM® Blockchain Network.Our solution consists of three main elements:

  • A ready-to-use blockchain infrastructure connects the diversified IT-systems between partner companies, suppliers and customers. This so called Blockchain Permission Network sets the basis for secure data exchange between all Supply Chain participants.
  • Within this network Smart Contracts provide programmable scripts that are able to execute automated business logic. All partner interactions deriving from that can be controlled and automatically documented with an immutable audit trail.
  • Building up on those Smart Contracts ARXUM® provides three basic ready-to-use services that can be customized to meet your individual supply chain challenge, such as End-to-end visibility or externally triggered transfers.

Do you have technical questions?

Please feel free to contact us! We will contact you immediately and will be happy to answer your questions!

Technical Support

Do you have technical questions?

Please feel free to contact us! We will contact you immediately and will be happy to answer your questions!

Technical Support

Advantages of the ARXUM® Blockchain Technology

  • Plug and Play Blockchain Technology
    Provision of the complete ecosystem to connect the ARXUM® Blockchain application to your own corporate IT systems.
  • Maximum Cost Control
    License-based cost model according to actual data consumption instead of exploding software development costs.
  • Data Sovereignty
    Maximum control over your data by running your own copy of the blockchain network in-house.
  • Fast Ramp-up
    First Business Case based on ARXUM® Blockchain Application up and running within 2-3 days.
  • Customizability
    Complete customizability of the blockchain services customized to meet your individual supply chain challenges.
  • Scalability
    Seamless Scalability for a growing number of users, transactions or network partners without further software development.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are Smart Contracts?

    Smart Contracts are programmed self-executing scripts that are natively deployed on a blockchain. They allow enforcing conditions (similar to „If…then…else”) and executing arbitrary automation codes. The Smart Contracts allow trustworthy transactions and agreements between different parties to be carried out. Smart Contracts make all transactions traceable, transparent and irreversible, as all transactions are stored on the blockchain. However, your own process and product data is never stored on the blockchain. As the Smart Contracts themselves are stored onthe blockchain, a contract owner has full traceability on all changes ever done (e.g. to programmed conditions).

  • How does a Blockchain work?

    Blockchain technology makes it possible to share information with the helpof a decentralized database in a tamper-proof way with many participants. The data storage network is also known as a distributed ledger technology.Data is stored on many nodes (cloud and/or separate computers) in a
    peer-to-peer network, whereby each new node has a complete copy of the blockchain. A cryptographic consensus algorithm synchronizes all nodes and makes sure that only one single version of the state („the true data“) exists.

    Further Information on blockchain can be found here:



  • What is IPFS?

    The Inter Planetary File System (IPFS) is a peer-to-peer network and protocol for storing and sharing data in a distributed file system, and is organized much like a blockchain. Storing data on an IPFS cluster returns aunique hash of the data as its identifier, the concept is known as „reference by content“. IPFS is an ideal storage solution for blockchain applications.

    Further Information on IPFS can be found here:



  • Is my data stored on the Blockchain?

    No product or production data (e.g. process or product data of your supply chain) is stored on the ARXUM® blockchain infrastructure. Only the necessary Smart Contracts, including the carried-out transactions, are stored on the ARXUM® blockchain infrastructure. On-chain data can extend to your supply chain events with references to data you may securely store in your internal data bases.

  • Which Blockchain does ARXUM® use?

    Currently ARXUM® uses the EOSIO blockchain technology in version 1.8.6 (Status June 2020), which runs on ARXUM®’s private cloud infrastructure. We have extended the EOS Blockchain with additional components required in industrial supply chain applications, such as e.g. user administration, a dedicated IPFS cluster or a block explorer.

    Further Information on EOS Blockchain can be found here:

    EOS Website:


  • How is the performance e.g. in transactions / second?

    At present, the EOS Blockchain can execute over 4,000 transactions per second. (Status 2019) However, since this is being developed daily, this number will continue to rise. In comparison to peak times, VISA executes about 2,000 transactions per second.

  • How scalable is the ARXUM® Suite?

    ARXUM® is working with the highly scalable EOSIO technology stack and constantly adapts the infrastructure to the required conditions. Scaling takes place in a very short time, as the ARXUM® Suite is completely basedon a cloud infrastructure, which can be adapted at short notice and as required. Depending on global geographical requirements, on the number of transactions sent or on the complexity of your smart contract code, ARXUM® can hyper-scale to most likely any condition.

  • Will other companies get direct access to my database?

    Although the ARXUM® Transfer Module fully automates inter-company data exchange, no other company will get direct access to your database! All data access requests are handled by the ARXUM® Transfer Module’s smart contract. The Connectivity Agent establishes a connection between your IT system and the ARXUM®Suite smart contracts. A request for data access is not sent to your IT, but is handled by the smart contract. The requested data is transmitted via a separate channel (e.g. IPFS) to the requestor. In fact the ARXUM® Suite services do not necessarily need full access to your data for a transfer!

  • Will I have to open a port in my firewall to give access to external partners?

    You do not need to open any firewall ports for a connection from the outside. You only need to allow the Connectivity Agent access to the ARXUM® blockchain network. After that, the data transfer always runs from internal to external. No external partner can directly access your databases. The external partners submit a data access request to your ARXUM® smart contract. If your defined rules are all fulfilled, the Connectivity Agent pulls the data request from the smart contracts into your IT system.

  • Can I run my own IPFS cluster?

    YES! ARXUM® operates its own IPFS cluster, which can be used for variousARXUM® Suite modules. However, if you want to integrate your own IPFS cluster, this is possible at any time. ARXUM® can create a customer-specific IPFS cluster, which can be managed for you or you can take over the management yourself.