Airlines are experimenting with digital technologies

Following is an excerpt from BCG article What could blockchain do for airlines?

“Is the airline industry fully capitalizing on the digital revolution? With rising demand, strong cost controls, increasing fee revenues, and solid earnings, the case for transformation may not seem as urgent as it might be in other industries. Still, gathering storm clouds indicate a need for change.

Most leading airlines are already experimenting with new digital technologies—such as advanced analytics, robotics, and artificial intelligence—and now blockchain is poised to provide fertile ground for innovation in the industry. With its ability to manage and share data and facilitate digital transactions, blockchain promises to resolve current issues of trust, security, control, and transparency in a complex ecosystem of industry players. Although the technology is still fairly young, airlines are already exploring applications that improve overall performance. Four areas show exceptional promise: customer-related activities; maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO); ground operations; and revenue accounting.”