ARXUM, a global provider of blockchain solutions for connecting the manufacturing industry with customers and suppliers, obtains a seven-digit Euro investment from FinLab EOS VC

Kaiserslautern/Frankfurt, Germany, July 1st, 2019 – Arxum GmbH, a provider of blockchain solutions for connecting the manufacturing industry with customers and suppliers, has raised a seven-digit Euro financing from FinLab EOS VC Fund, a venture capital fund backed by both Block.one, the publisher of the blockchain protocol EOSIO, and FinLab AG, one of Europe’s largest…

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The Manufacturing Revolution with Blockchain, IoT, and AI

Both technological advances and globalization are driving the transformation of the manufacturing sector. In fact, this sector is undergoing a total overhaul with new Industry 4.0 technologies such as blockchain’s distributed ledgers, industrial Internet-of-Things (IoT), and Artificial Intelligence (AI). Each technology plays a unique role in the sector’s transformation:   ● IoT: Industrial IoT is where data…

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Blockchain in Manufacturing: Opportunities and Threats

The manufacturing sector, which has made a truly remarkable comeback throughout the globe, has an exciting future. Blockchain technology not only promises to bring lucrative opportunities to manufacturers—but also certain threats that companies should be aware of before diving deep into the novel technology. Opportunities There are so many opportunities for blockchain technology to lean…

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Manufacturing: New Frontier for Blockchain Technology

As a byproduct of globalization, supply chains are becoming increasingly complex and difficult to manage. Problems including intellectual property theft, counterfeit products, noncompliance, and product recalls continue to arise among global supply chains that lack visibility and transparency.   Supply chains involve multiple parties across borders, IoT devices, RFID technologies, machine learning, and data storage.Supply chain…

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Examples of Blockchain Usage in Supply Chains Today

Blockchain technology holds a lot of promise for businesses and supply chains looking to increase efficiency and reduce costs. With the effects of globalization, supply chains have become complex—and broken. There has been a lot of noise about blockchain’s potential to solve the very core problems of traditional supply chains—reliability and integrity. But has anyone…

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Five Business Problems That Blockchain Will Solve in 2020 and Beyond

Supply chains are grappling with business problems that are not easily solvable without increasing transparency and efficiency. Using a distributed ledger is emerging as one of the best ways to solve these problems. Blockchain technology is an excellent fit that solves the following business problems: 1. Determining Authenticity of Finished Goods  When goods traverse their supply chains to reach the end…

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Blockchain Helps Supply Chain Management Become More Environmentally Sustainable

Blockchain Technology Increases Accountability for All Supply Chain Participants Blockchain technology is emerging as the right solution to solve problems with supply chain transparency or lack thereof. Supply chains are complex global networks of autonomous entities that exchange goods, data, and payments across a continuously evolving business landscape. Given key structural similarities between blockchain technology…

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How Blockchain Can Help Increase Inventory Data Accuracy

Before seeing how blockchain can help increase inventory data accuracy for manufacturers and distributors, we need to first understand how data inaccuracies hurts business and what causes these inaccuracies. How Inventory Data Errors Hurt Business Inventory data accuracy is of utmost importance to the manufacturing industry, warehouse management, and distribution centers in the supply chain.…

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