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The ARXUM Production Protocol successfully implemented

ARXUM has successfully implemented the ARXUM Production Protocol in an application where users can ordertheir own personalized beer coasters. The production processis possible thanks to ARXUM’s technology and is completely automated. When the user makes an order, it’s written into a smart contract on the blockchain. The ARXUM Connection Box downloads the contract directly from the blockchain,reads the process order and using the ARXUM Production Protocol, the production starts. The Beer coaster…

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ARXUM ICO Press Release

Arxum logo

ARXUM brings blockchain to the manufacturing industry – announcing ICO In a world that develops faster than ever and becomes more globalized and individualized by the day, it’s a challenge for manufacturers to keep up. Today’s consumers want something more, something unique and tailored just for them. But for manufacturers, this is too costly to…

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ARXUM is partnering up with BlockSplit in Croatia!


We are proud to announce that ARXUM is a partner of the BlockSplit conference in Croatia! BlockSplit is a 2-day blockchain community conference held in the city of Split, on April 27-28. The first day offers development workshops. The second day concentrates on both development and business. BlockSplit aims to educate and establish a local…

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ARXUM ICO: New fact sheet published

ARXUM Fact Sheet

Learn more about ARXUM and how the company improves the manufacturing industry. Soon you will be able to use the ARXUM token to send a production order for a customized product. Read more about it in our facts sheet! Take a deeper look at our exciting fact sheet.  

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ARXUM brings German engineering to the Blockchain

ARXUM Connection Box

Today’s consumers want something more, something unique and tailored just for them. The market, crowded by makers, hackers, DIYers and individualists, is begging for customization and for a return of craftsmanship on a massive, industrial scale. This is now possible thanks to ARXUM and their use of Blockchain technology. In a world that moves faster…

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