Arxum Connection Box

The factory of tomorrow – securely digitized!

  Industry 4.0 is implemented through the digital networking of processes, machines and computers. The data exchange between these components creates transparency by interposing a data collector. It further enables companies to optimize production processes. However, it also opens the door for data theft and industrial espionage – unless security is taken into account. We read…

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ARXUM scored 2nd in ranking of ICO projects – exclusive interview available

ARXUM scored 2nd place in Decentro’s ranking of ICO projects, which earned the project an exclusive interview at the C3 crypto conference in Berlin. Markus explains everything about what makes ARXUM special and talks about the ground-breaking ARXUM Connection Box. Decentro concludes that the project has enormous potential to change the manufacturing industry. We agree!…

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ARXUM and IONE display the ACB at Europe’s biggest industrial fair


ARXUM displays the ARXUM Connection Box (ACB) together with their partner IONE at the Hannover fair. The Hannover fair is the biggest industrial fair in Europe and takes place 23-27 April. ARXUM changes industrial manufacturing by bringing blockchain technology and industry 4.0 together. The newly invented ARXUM Connection Box (ACB) is a link between manufacturing…

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IONE integrates the ARXUM Connection Box into their system


IONE, ARXUM’s new partner, is currently integrating the ARXUM Connection Box (ACB) into the IONE eco system. By integrating the ACB into their system, IONE benefits from features like proof-of-existence and proof-of-ownership of a product. Auditability of the production process, naturally secure escrow and payment services are also possible. Furthermore, they gain a full overview…

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ARXUM Connection Box with LCD screen

ARXUM Connection Box

Our co-founder Markus has a small update for everyone thats keeping track of ARXUM project, and while the update is small the news are huge- we implemented LCD screen on the ARXUM Connection Box. Take a look and let us know what you think.

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