Blockchains are safe!

Basically, Blockchain is an open and secure method of recording transactions, like a traditional general ledger.
Because blockchains build trust, they offer individuals, businesses and organizations a simple, paperless way to
determine and monitor ownership of money, information and objects.
Blockchains are developed in such a way that they are basically resistant to changes. The data stored in a
blockchain is stored in a distributed and continuously updated database hosted on millions of computers around
the world. So there is not just a single version in a single location.
In addition, each data block in a blockchain ( is
linked and backed up using cryptography to the next in the series. This makes it almost impossible to add, remove
or change data without others in the chain noticing. Nowadays, most normal transactions are verified by a central
authority, e.g. a government or a credit card clearing house. Blockchain applications replace these centralized
systems with decentralized systems that are verified by consensus among multiple users.

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