ARXUM scored 2nd in ranking of ICO projects – exclusive interview available

ARXUM scored 2nd place in Decentro’s ranking of ICO projects, which earned the project an exclusive interview at the C3 crypto conference in Berlin. Markus explains everything about what makes ARXUM special and talks about the ground-breaking ARXUM Connection Box. Decentro concludes that the project has enormous potential to change the manufacturing industry. We agree! Watch the interview here:

ARXUM changes the manufacturing industry by interconnecting manufacturers, suppliers and customers in one network. The network lets data be transferred effortlessly between the users, enabling customized manufacturing for the same price as mass production – for the first time in history. In turn, a completely new marketplace is created, where everyone can participate. ARXUM uses blockchain technology and is run by a team of experienced engineers.

Decentro is a team of multi-lingual interview specialists with the mission to give project leaders space and time to share their ideas with the world.

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