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Written by: Pedro Febrero Jr.

If we ever want to really know the truth about a certain project, you need to challenge its core values. The best way to achieve that is through public events and competitions, where your ideas get scrutinized by a peer of expert judges.

That’s exactly what happened to Arxum in the well coordinated ICORACE 2018.

How did it go?

1 million dollars in ether!

I had the pleasure to attend this great event and meet our dear founder in person, Jens! Before i give you my opinion on how it went, let me share a message from him:

I have been to the ICO race competition in Lugano, Switzerland, during the last two days (6th and 7th June 2018). They received 160 applications and chose 38 to participate at the semi-final and the final. At the semi-final we achieved the 8th place, but only 6 of the semi-finalist were qualified for the final. Thus we didn’t reach the final. However, the judges mentioned that it was a tight decision.

Competition was really tight and the project who won, Pigzbe, is also doing something great for future generations, in terms of adopting cryptocurrency, so I would like to congratulate them and wish them most success!

For Arxum, the goal was different: to properly validate the idea, project, core values and ICO layout among its peers. Of 38 start-ups participating, Arxum came 8th in the semi-final and just missed the final in a very close decision.

Do you understand what that means?

Arxum’s stand at ICORACE

Keep in mind, most projects which participated in ICORACE were older than Arxum, meaning they did have more time to prepare for the competition.

We proved we got what it takes to reach the finals next year . More importantly, Jens received great feedback and met awesome people, raising awareness for Arxum and what we’re aiming to do: decentralizing manufacturing. 

see you all next year!

If you’re curious about the Arxum project, check the main website here!

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