ARXUM brings German engineering to the Blockchain

Today’s consumers want something more, something unique and tailored just for them. The market, crowded by makers, hackers, DIYers and individualists, is begging for customization and for a return of craftsmanship on a massive, industrial scale. This is now possible thanks to ARXUM and their use of Blockchain technology.

In a world that moves faster than ever and becomes more globalized by the day, it’s a challenge for producers to keep up. To meet the new demand, the manufacturers need a digitalized production process and interconnectivity with suppliers. How is this done? ARXUM, a company run by experienced German engineers, provides an innovative solution based on Blockchain technology. The newly invented device, the ARXUM Connection Box (ACB), interconnects machines of all suppliers to the Blockchain. The first prototype is already up and running. Take a look at it here:

When you connect to the ACB, you connect to the ARXUM Production Network, which is currently being developed. The connection is simple and requires no engineering effort. Thanks to the ACB, a network on machine level is created, which gives visibility and access to production capacities and capabilities. Connected customers and manufacturers can easily exchange data on this communication channel with the highest level of security.

A real-life example
Imagine you have an old-timer and a gear is worn out. You need a spare part but they’re no longer available on the market. You still have the broken gear and can record its shape and dimensions. You connect to the ARXUM Production Network and look for a metal processing company. After some research, you settle for a high-quality manufacturer nearby. With the support of ARXUM, you have now been able to produce the gear for your old-timer. The Blockchain has ensured that the metal processing company have received their money step by step while completing the production. The old-timer is saved!

ARXUM Business GmbH, to be incorporated in Switzerland, has been founded by a team of managers and technical experts with long-time experience and sophisticated knowledge about process automation solutions, “Industry 4.0” (I4.0), “Internet of Things” (IoT), Software and Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) and Blockchain technologies (BC). ARXUM is a spin-off of the longtime existing company Arend Prozessautomation GmbH, Wittlich, Germany, which is an engineering service provider in the field of process automation.

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