ARXUM and The battle for vehicle data!

On Wednesday ARXUM attended „The battle for vehicle data – who owns the business of tomorrow” at the company Schott AG, Mainz“
Event was centered around new emerging automobile technologies and how they will shape the future of the industry.
“ Autonomous or networked driving, but also the increasing technical intelligence of vehicles mean that the topic of data exchange takes on a completely new meaning here. On the one hand, vehicles can provide their drivers with data-based value-added services and thus make an important contribution to increasing comfort and safety. On the other hand, vehicles are already making a large amount of data available to third parties, often without the driver’s intervention or knowledge. The data are transmitted to manufacturers, for example, and concern both vehicle and driver-related information. These are often of great economic interest and can be used to develop new data-based business areas. A new market is emerging that is highly competitive and will affect the future of the automotive industry.“
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