ARXUM and IONE display the ACB at Europe’s biggest industrial fair

ARXUM displays the ARXUM Connection Box (ACB) together with their partner IONE at the Hannover fair. The Hannover fair is the biggest industrial fair in Europe and takes place 23-27 April.

ARXUM changes industrial manufacturing by bringing blockchain technology and industry 4.0 together. The newly invented ARXUM Connection Box (ACB) is a link between manufacturing machines and the blockchain-based digital world. The ACB creates a network on the blockchain, where the manufacturing processes can be initiated and followed online by the users. Using the ACB also lowers costs and enables customization on a new level. IONE, a new partner of ARXUM, is currently integrating the ACB into the IONE eco system.

The Hannover fair is the world’s leading trade show for industrial technology. More than 5000 exhibitors and over 1400 lecturers and panels are present.


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